Chettinad is one of the Heritage treasures to visit.
Gaining popularity worldwide with discerning travellers and families all over the world visiting to introduce their children to the unique Heritage Mansion. Made with love, the Chettiar legacy lives on in these stunning works of art. Incorporating beauty with utility, every space is marked out for it’s application. Evening and morning walks accompanied by the sweet melodies of chirping birds, provide a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Bird Santuary, located between Managiri and Nachiapuram on the way to Tirupathur The Vettangudi bird sanctuary.

Visit to Chettinad Railway station: An old weighing machine from London manufactured in 1928, Raja’s waiting room as well as old railway station from the outside.

Basket Weaving
A group of weavers live in Ona Siruvayal, a village 10km from Chettinadu Mansion.The magic woven from bamboo / plastic can be enjoyed at leisure.

Traditional costumes and art, sari and dhoti draping sessions, rangoli drawing sessions and flower knotting sessions.

Traditional Chettinad, snack making units
Wood carving units
Weekly Vegetable markets
Antique markets
Athangudi Tile making units