There are 14 rooms, air-conditioned with double or twin beds settings as required. Other furniture includes a dressing cupboard, luggage rack, writing table and chair, and relaxation chairs with tea table. Tea/coffee makers. Ceiling fan also is provided. There are bed side lamps. The flooring is made of local, completely manmade Athangudi tiles. The ceiling is made of bamboo mat in most of the rooms. All rooms are provided with free Wi-Fi. Satellite television with a good mix of English and regional channels, entertainment and news. The air- conditioners are individual room air-conditioners.

Comfortable bathrooms have showers with running hot and cold-water 24×7, operated by individual room water heaters. The housekeeping supplies include soaps, shampoos, shower caps, dental kits and shaving kits, wrapped in eco-friendly materials. Hair-dryers are available on request.

There is a wheel chair facility from the car parking / reception.

Room cleaning and housekeeping replenishments are available on request. There is an intercom telephone facility too.

There is an in-room dining facility, for which a menu is provided in the room.

A rectangular, land-scrapped garden, with goose and white rabbits, flowers, fruits and vegetables, adding colour, to the stay. One may even find a goose egg.